abandoned places - buildings, factories, industrial objects

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Opuszczone accomplishments
  • article in Przekrój about abandoned industrials, based on our photos (15.12.2005)
  • story about urban-explorers - Excesy (08.2005)
  • article about trips to the Chernobyl Zone in "Przegląd" based on our trip. (12.08.2005)
  • article about Opuszczone.com in daily news-papper "Metro" - read here gazeta.pl (22.05.2005)
  • our photos were featured in the weekly newspaper "Przekrój" (www.przekroj.pl) in an article about Urban Exploration from 23.03.2005.

  • Opuszczone in Przekrój Spinacz - Zapomniane & Opuszczone Postcard from Chernobyl UrbanExploration - Excesy Teraz pustka
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